Doggo getting scritches from owner.

Pet ownership isn’t all cuddles and walks in the park. Being a responsible pet owner takes a little time and effort. Bowman Veterinary Hospital wants to know, do you know what it takes? Read on to learn if you’re a responsible pet owner. 

Pet Ownership

In the United States, current statistics show that 7 out of 10 households own a pet. This number looks to be continuing to grow, Generationally, younger people continue to value pet ownership more and more as well. 

Not all pet ownership is good pet ownership, though. Millions of pets still enter shelters every year, and even more suffer from abuse and neglect. Taking good care of those animals you accept responsibility is a labor of love that requires time, effort, and money. 

Seven Signs You Are a Responsible Pet Owner

So how can you tell if you are a responsible pet owner? See if you can check these boxes on our list:

  1. You did your research before adopting a new pet that they would be a good fit and what would go into their care and maintenance.
  2. You provide basic necessities for your pet. Good nutrition, water, and shelter aren’t optional.
  3. Your pet receives basic health care on a routine basis such as wellness examinations, parasite prevention, and vaccinations as recommended. 
  4. You understand that taking on the care of a pet involves caring for a pet for their entire life. Rehoming and surrender are not decisions to be made lightly.
  5. You know that proper pet care involves time and have allocated reasonable amounts to interact with, exercise, enrich, and train your pet.
  6. You know that pet ownership is not without monetary costs and have budgeted adequately and/or obtained pet insurance to provide for your pet’s medical needs.
  7. You know that how you care for your pet impacts others as well. Actions like spay and neuter, proper disease and parasite prevention, and training efforts go to prevent unwanted pets, spread of illness, and overcrowding of shelters and rescues. 

Spreading the Love

In the end, respect for all creatures and a genuine passion for them to live fulfilled and healthy lives is what drives responsible pet ownership. It is part of the reason that our team at Bowman does what we do. 

There are definitely ways that you can help spread the love and encourage responsible pet ownership in our community as well. Speak up for things like the adoption of shelter pets. You can also support pet population control by volunteering with rescues  or trap neuter release programs. Be sure to educate about microchipping and training. Don’t forget that we are the voice for these animals. Keep doing what you do beset and advocate for the best care possible for our furry friends!