A dog drinking water outdoors.

Summer is here, at last! Hot, sunny days mean trips to the water, long, lazy walks, and outside volleyball games. Your pets want to go where you go (except for cats who might want to stay put). Your pets need to stay hydrated so, should you bring your pets with you for summertime excursions?

Does My Pet Enjoy the Hot Days of Summer?

You might think that your furry friends want to go for a boat ride with you. After all, they surely look like they have fun speeding across the lake with their ears blown back in the wind. They probably do enjoy the ride and being with you, but remember, there is no relief for them from the hot sun. There is no way to cool down.

Share Outdoor Activities With Your Pets, But Don’t Overdo

It can be difficult for your pet to cool down once they’re overheated. Think about your pet’s comfort in summer’s heat.  

  • If your pets live outdoors, provide shady areas for them to escape the hot summer sun.
  •  Keep their water bowls clean and filled with fresh water.
  • Leave your pets at home once temperatures exceed 70 degrees. If they should get locked in your vehicle for any length of time, they can suffer heat stroke and death—even with windows open.
  • Take walks early in the day or early evening when pavement and ground have cooled down. The hot ground can mean blisters and burns on pet paw pads.
  •  Play games with your pets outside only in the cool hours of the day.
  • Anyplace you go with your pet in the heat of summer can be dangerous. Overheating can be deadly. Make the right choice and leave your pets at home in the shade or the house.  

We’ve been taught that a dog’s fur coat helps to insulate them from cold and heat. That’s not wrong, but too much of either can put your pet at risk of severe harm.

Keep Your Pets Hydrated

Keeping pets hydrated in summer is important, but you can’t make your pets drink water if they aren’t thirsty. But if you think they’re not getting enough fluids, you can always add a little flavoring to their water with the following tips:

  • Do not use ice cubes.
  • Add a little beef bouillon or chicken stock to their water.
  • Add water to their dry or wet foods.

Outside Pets Need More Water

Outside pets need plenty of shade available to them at all times. They need their water bowls kept full of clean, fresh water. Make sure the bowls are cleaned regularly. Bacteria that can make your pet sick can form on the sides of their bowls.

Another tip for cooling and enticing your pets to drink more is to keep a clean kiddie pool filled with fresh water in a shady pet area. It’s just as important to keep kiddie pools clean!

Suspect Your Pet is Dehydrated?

Is your dog listless, vomiting, or panting too much? Is Fido’s nose dry? Call us immediately at (530) 319-5571 for instructions on what to do to help your pet. These symptoms could be the same for many health issues, but it’s clear your pup needs medical help.Once the emergency issues have passed, be sure to schedule an annual wellness check for your pets. At Bowman Veterinary Hospital, we’re here to help you in a crisis and to answer questions about your pet’s health.