Boom-Free Fourth: Strategies for Keeping Pets Calm During Firework Displays

dog with american flag.

The Fourth of July holiday season is a fun and festive one, but for many of our four-legged friends, it can be a bit stressful. Noisy gatherings and loud booms can raise pet anxiety and put our July 4th pet safety skills to the test. 

Calming Pet Anxiety 

Pet anxiety tends to peak in the summer months. Backyard parties, summer travel, thunderstorms, and fireworks can all make the world a little less predictable for our animal friends.

Help your pet to feel a little less anxious by:

  • Keeping their routine as predictable as possible
  • Not changing their diet
  • Giving them a safe, quiet sanctuary to retreat to when they feel overwhelmed
  • Using anti-anxiety supplements such as plug-in pheromones or over-the-counter solutions
  • Trying an anxiety vest 
  • Offering enriching activities like a puzzle toy to keep their mind focused
  • Engaging in physical activities such as walks with them

Be aware of potential toxins like unattended food and drinks, lighter fluid, insecticides, glow jewelry, and even unattended bags or coats that may contain human medications, vapes, or inhalers can also pose holiday risks to pets.

It is also worthwhile to check your pet escape-proofing measures. Be sure window screens and fence gates are secure in case a scared pooch decides to make a run for it. It is also important to check that your pets are microchipped and their registration accurate. 

Comforting Pets During Fireworks

Many pets (mostly dogs, but some cats, too) have noise phobias that are tested tremendously during loud events like fireworks or storms. The good news is that when we know that they are going to happen, we have a better chance to comfort our pets.

For pets who have anxiety about loud noises:

  • Move them to an interior room with no windows
  • Play soft music or other white noise
  • Allow them to spend time in a safe, comfortable place that they are used to
  • Try a Thundershirt
  • Try to not leave your pet alone during this time (you may need to arrange a pet sitter)
  • If you must take them outside, be sure that they are on a secure leash and stay with them
  • Contact us for information about anti-anxiety medications

Ideally we will want to try an anti-anxiety medication before a scary day to see how it affects your pet. Don’t give more than the recommended amount or share amongst pets without consulting our team first. 

The Fourth of July can be a very fun holiday, but if your pet doesn’t agree, that is okay. They don’t have to love it, they just need to stay safe, and these tips can help you keep them that way.

Outdoor Oasis: Tips for Crafting a Pet-Friendly Yard

Family playing in backyard with dog.

Creating a pet-friendly yard can be a great way to provide some environmental stimulation for your animal as well as to bond with them in the great outdoors. To be sure that everyone can enjoy themselves, though, Bowman Veterinary Hospital thinks that it is important that animal lovers understand outdoor pet safety and how to make sure that their outdoor oasis is a safe and enjoyable space for all. 


Quenching the Thirst: Understanding the Vital Importance of Pet Hydration

owner giving water to pet dachshund during walk.

At Bowman Veterinary Hospital, we understand that keeping your pet hydrated is as crucial as providing them with a nutritious diet. Hydration is the cornerstone of good health for your pets, just as it is for humans. This seemingly simple aspect of pet care is pivotal in ensuring your furry friends lead happy, active, and healthy lives.


Making Life Easier: Home Adjustments to Assist Senior Pets with Mobility

dog on ramp.

Thanks to advancements in modern veterinary medicine, pets are living longer, healthier lives. But at some point, in spite of the best senior pet care, our older pets will start to show signs of slowing down, and it’s up to us to help them age gracefully and comfortably in their familiar surroundings.

Senior pets hold a special place in our hearts at Bowman Veterinary Hospital, and our team has put together suggestions for creating a pet-friendly home using simple modifications geared toward enhancing pet mobility and pet comfort.


Simple Tips for Keeping Your Pets Hydrated This Summer

A dog drinking water outdoors.

Summer is here, at last! Hot, sunny days mean trips to the water, long, lazy walks, and outside volleyball games. Your pets want to go where you go (except for cats who might want to stay put). Your pets need to stay hydrated so, should you bring your pets with you for summertime excursions?


Effectively Soothe Your Pet’s Noise Anxiety

Dog hiding from loud noises.

There’s a lot to love about summer, but a pet’s noise anxiety isn’t usually on the list of favorite things. Long stretches of beautiful, sunny days, time spent on the water, or going camping can quickly spiral into a frightening experience for a pet unaccustomed to thunderstorms or fireworks (both of which occur with some frequency between May and September). Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with some effective strategies to keep your pet’s noise anxiety at bay. 


Slow It Down, Chowhound: My Puppy Eats Too Fast!

Puppies eating

Bringing a puppy home is quite an adventure. As the cute little fluff adapts to his new home, it is important to set him up for success. Beginning with proper nutrition is important, and once your pup gets home, you may notice that he gobbles up his food like there is no tomorrow. Eating too quickly can be a choking hazard for your pup, can cause pain and discomfort, and can even cause severe gastrointestinal conditions like volvulus, or stomach twisting. 


Safe and Sound: The Importance of Pet Microchipping

Lost dog.

Responsible pet owners go to great lengths to keep their pets safe–fenced-in yards, leashed walks, collars and ID tags, etc. However, despite our best efforts, accidents can and do happen. All it takes is one door accidentally left open for a four-legged escape artist to make a break for it.

For most pet owners, the thought of a beloved dog or cat going missing is truly frightening. The only thing worse is the possibility that you may never see them again. Fortunately, pet microchipping is an easy and effective way to increase the chances of reuniting with your missing pet.


Festive Pet Treats: Thanksgiving Edition

Festive pet treats.

At holiday feasts, it can be hard to stop family and guests from slipping snacks to pets with pleading eyes. They may not realize, however, that these tasty handouts could be harmful.  

Lure the treat givers away from the family table and lead them to a tray of safe-for-pets, holiday treats instead. Once the treats are gone, they’ll know that puppy has had enough.