The Best Pets for Kids

Best pets for kids.

Caring for pets is a great way for kids to learn responsibility and grow emotional intelligence. From filling water bowls to learning about gentle touches, even the youngest children can be involved with pet care. Older kids can clean cages, exercise with pets, and even take part in obedience training. Regular positive interactions between animals and kids develop loving bonds that are irreplaceable. 


Cats in Hats, Danger Noodles, Nope Ropes, and Sneaky Sneks

Auburn cat and snake.

A cat and a snek did canoodle until the snek snuck up as a noodle. The cat jumped a mile, lost its hat in a pile of nope ropes and sunbathing doodles. Silly, yes? A cat and a Danger Doodle are no joke!

A Snek By Any Other Name Could Be a Danger Noodle

There are lots of silly names for snakes that let us know they could be trouble. A snek isn’t scary, but a Danger Noodle could raise the hair on the back of a cat’s hat. In Auburn, there is only one venomous snake, the Northern Pacific rattlesnake. All the other snakes are doodly noodly sneks.


Choose Courtesy and Cancel: No Appointment No-Shows!

Woman with dog at Auburn vet's office.

At Bowman Veterinary Hospital, we understand that schedules can accidentally get overbooked, and urgent matters can arise. We truly value our longstanding position in the Auburn community and the strong connections we have built with our pet families. We are happy to accommodate you if your schedule changes, but it is important to contact us right away if you need to reschedule your pet’s appointment. 


Make Your Indoor Cat Happy; Build a Catio

Auburn cat in a catio.

It is, paws down, safer to keep your cat indoors than allow them to roam the neighborhood, cross streets, and come into contact with other animals. In fact, a strictly indoor cat tends to have a longer lifespan than an indoor-outdoor cat because of the decreased risk of illness, injury, or death.

Despite the benefits to their safety and health, some indoor-only cats suffer from boredom and depression. A catio can provide exercise opportunities and enrichment activities that will make your indoor cat extra happy.