Emergency Ready: A Guide to Disaster Preparedness for Auburn Pet Owners

Survivors of wildfires, tornadoes, earthquakes, and floods could all agree that being prepared for natural disasters beats the alternative. Fortunately for Auburn pet owners, there are city, state, and federal organizations that prioritize health and safety in Placer County. Hazards aren’t always preventable, but disaster preparedness for Auburn pet owners can make all the difference when it matters the most. 


On the Ready: Disaster Preparedness for Pet Safety and Peace of Mind

Auburn CA safe dogs in car

If you have lived through any natural disaster, you know that every second counts when evacuating or sheltering in place. Each disaster, whether it be a hurricane, tornado, forest fire, or the like, has its own manner of getting to safety. You may even have a disaster plan for your family in place. We have certainly had our share of wildfires this year that have devastated California and the Pacific Coast, as well as the West.


Payment Options for Pet Care

Dog with paw over their face.

Taking good care of a pet comes with a lot of responsibility. From taking the time to provide proper socialization and training to selecting the perfect diet, a lot goes into giving your furry friend the best possible life.

When it comes to good veterinary care, cost must come into the picture at some point. Proactive wellness care and preparation for emergencies and illness is part of responsible pet ownership. Bowman Veterinary Hospital knows that pet care comes at a price, and that’s why we like to help our clients understand all their payment options. 


The Big Question: Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

Auburn, CA cat with paw on owner's hand.

If your pet was injured and needed emergency hospitalization to survive, could you afford to have them treated? Today, advances in veterinary science have afforded pet owners and pets a very high level of care, but it comes at a price. Estimates show that pet care costs average $1800 per year, which can put a significant financial strain on many families. 

Of course pet owners want to take the very best care of their furry friends – they’re members of the family, after all! This is where pet insurance comes in. Just as human health insurance is designed to offset our own health care costs, pet insurance can ease the burden of an unexpected injury or illness in our pets. But, is it worth it? Bowman Veterinary Hospital explores. 


Xyli-what? Pets and Dangers of Xylitol

Dog eating peanut butter without Xylitol

You may (or may not) have heard of Xylitol, a sugar substitute commonly used in many foods. In fact, you may even enjoy sugar free gum, cereal, or peanut butter sweetened with the substance. But are you aware that Xylitol is toxic to dogs and cats?

We have many questions about human foods that are safe (or not) for our pets. Although Xylitol recently made the national news cycle as an ingredient in peanut butter, it’s being used in more foods than ever thanks to the low-carb diet craze.

It’s our job to raise awareness of potential threats to your pet, and we hope that giving you an idea of what Xylitol is and where it is used can help keep your furry friends safe!


Common Pet Poisons: Threats to Your Pet’s Safety

Cat investigating houseplant.

Responsible pet owners have plenty of safeguards in place to protect their pets. Fenced-in yards, microchipping, vaccinations, and parasite preventives top the list of ways to keep our companions safe and sound. However, even the most cautious owner can overlook potential sources of pet poisoning that may be found in or around the home.

March is National Pet Poison Awareness Month, and our goal is to raise awareness about common pet poisons that may be lurking right under your nose!


Is There a Pet Emergency?

Auburn, CA dog getting examined by a vet.

When it comes to our pets, knowing what is or is not an emergency situation can be difficult. Sometimes, it’s obvious, but in so many cases, the signs can be subtle and easy to miss. Understanding what constitutes a pet emergency is key when it comes to staying calm and acting quickly in times of trouble.

Warning Signs of a Pet Emergency

Some situations are always considered a pet emergency, no matter what time of day or night they may occur.