Cute kitten at veterinarian.

When a pet gets sick, things can get expensive fast. Now more than ever we can offer cutting-edge medicine in the veterinary field, but specialized equipment, additional certifications, and the latest in drugs and therapies cost money. 

Pet insurance can offer some help when it comes to making sure that you don’t have to think about your bank account too much before authorizing treatment for your pet. 

How Pet Health Insurance Can Help

Pet insurance can help to bridge the gap between veterinary expenses and providing the best care for your four-legged family member.

Reasons to consider pet insurance include:

  • Financial assistance to help afford preventive care and keep your pet healthier
  • A buffer for those unexpected pet expenses
  • Help with your budget as you can plan exactly how much your pet’s care will cost each month
  • Flexibility to choose a plan that best meets your individual needs
  • Faster access to care during an emergency or sickness as you don’t have to worry about your budget
  • Increased options for pet care

Pet insurance cost and coverage can vary quite a bit depending on what type of policy you select. In most cases, though, some form of pet insurance can benefit your family. 

Which Pet Insurance Plans are Best for You

There are many companies out there who would like to extend health benefits to your pets. For most pets, especially those who are younger and/or without previous health issues, the investment can be well worth it. 

When considering pet insurance plans, it is best to start with a rough budget for care (most premiums are paid monthly). It is also a good starting point to consider whether you would like your coverage to help pay for routine wellness care like vaccinations, dental cleaning, and parasite prevention. Policies who cover only accidents and/or sickness tend to be a little less costly. 

You should also think about how old your pet is and what pre-existing or breed specific conditions they might have. It is worth it to take the time to investigate how individual pet insurance providers might handle these variables. 

Researching pet insurance policies can be a lot of work. Websites like Pawlicy Advisor and ComparePetInsurance can be a lot of help. Our staff at Bowman Veterinary Hospital is also happy to help in any way we can.