A snake on a tree branch.

Those who have lived in the Sacramento metropolitan area for any length of time know that unexpected encounters with sneks, called nope ropes when especially unwelcome, are a part of California living. 

Some sneks are a little more scary than others, though, and in our neck of the woods, shake snakes with their little rattles are the big nope rope to watch out for. Bowman Veterinary Hospital wants all of our cattos and doggos to stay safe and healthy, and so we thought we would share our favorite snek safety tips so you and your fluffers can avoid a heckin big scare:

Bowman Veterinary Hospital’s Best Snek Safety Tips

When it comes to nope ropes, it helps to realize that they are sneaky, but not that sneaky. They are often just trying to keep warm, and it is not hard to predict where you might find a snek fren. 

When it comes to snek safety, remember:

  1. If you see a snek, do not boop. Sneks can boop back, and if you do them a frighten some sneks can even boop with hurt juice. Good puppers learn to listen to “leave it.” 12/10 would recommend. 
  2. When out doing you a walk, try to stay on marked paths and trails. Them sneaky sneks like to hang out in tall brush and under rocks and logs. 
  3. Tell your hooman to keep the yard tidy. Brush piles and other debris make great nope rope residencies. Anywhere dem cheese bois hang out, there will be sneks
  4. Don’t boop that longboi snek, even if him appear to be dead. Sneks move very slow when cold, and some sneks can even have hurt juice after them ded. 
  5. It might be fun to bork at dem nope ropes and other critters, but use your manners and don’t taunt. Ask your hooman to use your leash to help remind you if you are going to be somewhere where dem sneks like to be out. 

It is important to remember that nope ropes are critters, too, and they don’t really want to do you a hurt. They just want to be left alone. 

A Word About Danger Noodles

In California, we have many different sneks. Most of them are pretty harmless. We do have to worry about one danger noodle, though. Shake snakes are venomous and can pack a punch of hurt juice if you don’t heed their rattle.

Not all danger noodle bites contain poysanus venum, but it can be hard to know until it’s badness. Hurt juice can cause all sorts of badness, including swelling, bleeding, pain, and even shock. Sneks most often boop snoots and dem paws. 

If a you even think spicy noodle may have did you a bite, it should do you a major concern. A boop from a danger noodle is a heckin emergency. Quick action is the key to surviving a shake snake boop. Your hooman should call the nice frens at Bowman Veterinary Hospital immediately

While sneks can be a concern to fluffers of all kinds, generally good boi doggos and cattos don’t have anything to do a worry about. Use your best manners, and the sneks will generally do you kindness back.