Auburn cat and snake.

A cat and a snek did canoodle until the snek snuck up as a noodle. The cat jumped a mile, lost its hat in a pile of nope ropes and sunbathing doodles. Silly, yes? A cat and a Danger Doodle are no joke!

A Snek By Any Other Name Could Be a Danger Noodle

There are lots of silly names for snakes that let us know they could be trouble. A snek isn’t scary, but a Danger Noodle could raise the hair on the back of a cat’s hat. In Auburn, there is only one venomous snake, the Northern Pacific rattlesnake. All the other snakes are doodly noodly sneks.

Rattle Dattle Ding Dong Danger Noodle Don’ts

To keep things simple for the snoozing cats who are not paying attention:

  • Stay out of brush piles
  • Stay out of rock piles
  • Stay out of tall grass
  • Stay more than swatting distance of a Danger Noodle
  • Stay away from slithery sneks. They’re sneaky and could bite you in the hat.

Do stay in the house, unless there’s a snek about, then yowl for help!

Nip and Tuck, Danger Noodle Sneck is Out of Luck!

Rock and brush piles, out they go. Cut the tall grass way down low. Tidy up your yard, so there’s no need to stand guard, against sneks and meeses and voles.

  1. Cats eat mice and other rodents
  2. Sneks eat mice and other rodents
  3. Cats hunt where sneks hide while waiting for rodents to pass by
  4. Eliminate hiding spots for sneks 
  5. Eliminate cat and snek canoodling—at least in your yard!

A Golden Invitation to Nope Ropes

After you’ve cleaned up the yard and rid yourself of hiding spots for sneks, now is the time to take down the bird feeders. Yes, we love to watch the little birdies flit and fluff and chug down seeds, now part of the family food budget. But the budgie feeders have got to go.

  • Cats stalk birds and rodents.
  • Nope Ropes stalk rodents.
  • Birdseed attracts birds and rodents.
  • Cats and sneks are fated to meet

Danger Noodle Venom Can Be Deadly

If your cat tangles with a venomous snake, time matters. 

Cats are better at surviving a snakebite because they don’t react as quickly to the venom. Snake venom stops blood from clotting. Untreated victims bleed to death. Cat blood is slower to react to the venom and quicker to act when injected with antivenom. 

Time is on your side. But don’t hesitate. There’s no time for snek hunts once the deadly deed is done.

Meowy Yeowy, That Danger Noodle Took a Bite Outta Me!

No matter what you do, a cat and a Danger Noodle might come face to face. The cat is made curious by the snake’s rustling sounds and striking posture. Kitty cannot stand back and wait for the danger to pass. A Nope Rope is just too tempting. Pounce. Bite. Tears. It’s all over but the emergency trip to the vet!

Call Bowman Veterinary Hospital at (530) 823-6306 immediately! Early intervention could save a life of nine!