Dog wellness.

When it comes to heckin good doggo care, not all hoomans have it in the bag. No need to do you a panic, though, because Dr. Haas and her frens at Bowman Veterinary Hospital have dog wellness down to a science.

Highlights of Dog Wellness 

When it comes to dog wellness, there is no need to do you a big concern. It’s really pretty simple. Remember your basics, no matter if you have a big ol’ woofer, a smol boi, a puppers, or a floofer. Doggos have the same needs.

  • Noms—Chow for your puppers is important. Not only should it be tasty noms, but it should also be quality nutrition. Look for doggo diets that are formulated by a veterinary nutritionist and provide the information you need to make a heckin good decision. Don’t forget about your boi doin a drink, either. Helping your pupper maintain a healthy body weight is important, too. Bein a chonk may be cute, but it’s not healthy. 
  • Love—All good bois and girls need snuggles and exercise. We love our hoomans and we depend on you for stability, mental and physical stimulation, and care. 
  • Doin a protecc—There are some heckin scary things out there for doggos, and thankfully the hoomans at Bowman Veterinary Hospital are looking out for us. Things like heartworm disease, rabies, parvovirus, fleas, and ticks are a big scare, but if you doin a protecc with vaccinations and preventives like the vet people say, things will be alright.  
  • Visits—We love visiting our fren Dr. Haas, even if sometimes it is a little scary to go to the vet. Regular visits allow good checkups and basic testing like bloods so she can be sure that we are healthy. Dr. Haas even can help hoomans understand what they need to do to be a better doggo parent. 
  • Carin for the toofs—Hoomans tend to forget that we have toofs, too. Dental disease in pets is a heckin big problem. Knowing how to care for the toofs at home as well as allowing routine anesthetic dental cleanings can keep our chompers healthy and pain free. 

Notes From Your Doggo

Of course, those things are just the basics. Contact our frens at Bowman Veterinary Hospital to talk with the dogtor about what your special doggo needs. 

We do have some other special requests though. Please don’t forget:

  • Belly rubs is good
  • Rotate my toys to keep things fresh
  • Don’t ignore when your doggo does an anxiety, ask for help
  • Encourage plenty of exercise
  • Don’t forget doggos need social activity, too (other doggos, hoomans, and cattos can all be frens)
  • Be my advocate (doggos don’t speak hooman)
  • Share me with frens (you know my bleps and mlems are adorbs)

Dog wellness can be a little work, but we 12 out of 10 recommend. Taking good care of your doggo means lots of quality time with your favorite floof. What could be better?