Cute cat with holiday gift.

Pet owners spend a great deal of time and money during the holiday season looking for and buying just the “right” present for their best friend. With our list of trending, uber-popular pet gifts, you can zero-in on just what you think your buddy will like, appreciate, and benefit from.

Of All the Things

We know how confusing it can be to provide items for pets with changing appetites and interests. Cat owners know well the exasperation when their cat chooses a discarded cardboard box over the expensive kitty toy bought just for their enjoyment. 

You know your pet better than anyone, or you’re at least trying to get to the bottom of their likes/dislikes. Put your observation skills to the test by gauging their interest level in certain activities. This will give you an advantage when shopping because you’ll be able to get several different items that appeal to them.

In Rotation

Nobody needs more stuff to store on the top shelf of their closet or create extra clutter in the house. As such, the best pet gifts are those that get a considerable amount of use. For owners of active dogs, there’s no shortage of cool gear that adds extra layers of safety, comfort, and enjoyment to their outdoor time. May we suggest:

Cats can’t be upstaged by adventurous dogs! Help your cat out by providing one of the best pet gifts of all time, a DIY Catio! You could also train them to feel relaxed, cozy, and protected inside their very own Travel Backpack. You might be surprised how much they love cruising around in this stylish pod. They might also go crazy for a little jaunt inside a stroller while you run or walk. More time together equals more joy for all.

Play With Me

Many pets can turn anything into a game, but that doesn’t mean they should resort to their imaginations all the time. Inspire more mental and physical stimulation with the following toys:

For dogs that love to run, fetch, tug, or show off agility skills, there are many options to appeal to their physicality. Of the best pet gifts out there, it makes sense to diversify how they play with these great choices:

Cats love to play with certain toys that trigger their predatory skills. Always look for items that crinkle, move unpredictably, or give them a chance to chase and pounce. Feather wands, catnip mice, and crinkle balls rank high among great pet gifts. 

Pet Gifts For Every Day

Of all the things your pet wants most, it’s more time with their favorite person. Be sure to spend some extra meaningful time with them this holiday season. 

From all of us at Bowman Veterinary Hospital, we wish you and your pet a very happy and healthy holiday season.