Puppy outside in the sand.

It’s high time for all of us to be outside enjoying the sights and sounds of Mother Nature. Our cats and dogs also enjoy this season to embrace the sunny days and outdoor recreation. Yet, summer poses some risks to our pets that you may not consider, until there is an emergency

To avoid having a scare, the team at Bowman Veterinary Hospital is here with some tips for summer safety for cats and dogs. Let’s take a closer look!

Summer Safety for Dogs

Dogs are naturally out with us recreating more than the average pet. We basically take them with us wherever we go, including parks, lakes, beaches, campsites, you name it. Since dogs are out with us under the sun, there are some risks to be aware of that can cause harm if not prevented. 

Keep the following summer safety tips in mind.

  • When outdoors, make sure there is plenty of shade and water available for your pet.
  • Take walks, jogs, hikes, and other activities during the early morning hours, before it gets hot.
  • Make sure your pet is protected through the use of parasite control and core vaccinations.
  • Microchips are an essential part of preventing a missing pet, so ensure your pet’s chip and identification information are up to date.
  • Use doggie sunscreen and apply liberally on exposed places, like ears and nose.
  • Use dog booties to protect paws from hot asphalt.
  • Know the signs of heatstroke: panting, drooling, hot to the touch, red gums, breathing problems, vomiting, etc. and act quickly to get your pet help.
  • If you swim with your dog, use a life preserver that is well fitted.
  • Be on the lookout for wildlife (and snakes!) and make sure to keep your pet next to you on a leash, giving the animals a wide berth. 
  • Keep your pet from getting into plants and other potentially toxic things by maintaining supervision.

The best approach to summer safety for dogs is to maintain oversight when your dog is outdoors with you and respond to any potential safety issues by bringing them indoors.

Summer Safety for Cats

As you may know about your meow pal, spring and summer are a great time for them to view wildlife. The birds, squirrels, chipmunks, lizards, and numerous other wildlife are in full swing, along with their new babies. No wonder they want to get outside!

Cats are equally prone to becoming heat stressed and dehydrated when outdoors in warm weather. To protect your cat from summer risks, consider the following recommendations.

  • Make sure your pet is current on all vaccines and parasite protection.
  • Instead of letting your cat outdoors, consider creating a catio, a screened in space for your cat, or a window perch, so they can enjoy the views without the risk.
  • If your cat does go out, supervise them.
  • Cats, too, can succumb to heatstroke, so make sure they have access to water and cool shelter at all times.
  • Consider taking your cat outdoors on a leash, so they can experience nature without the additional risks.

A Note About Parasites

While you are grooming your pet, make sure to do a once-over to look for fleas, ticks, etc. Parasites are common year-round, but ramp up this time of year. 

Remember that heartworm disease is a serious issue and requires costly treatment. Heartworm is also a problem for cats. Talk to us about what your pet needs to keep them safe from diseases borne from parasites.

Additional Questions? Call Us!

Summer is an awesome time to get outside with your furry one. To make it a great season, keep in mind summer safety for cats and dogs. We are here to answer all of your questions about your pawed pal. Simply call our friendly, knowledgeable staff.