Auburn, CA cat sitting between owners feet.

Cats are the ultimate pets, an idea supported by the sheer number of them that share our homes. They’re cute, entertaining, and comforting to have around. Plus, their quiet, reserved natures make them really easy to care for, right? 

When we take the time to truly understand a cat’s needs and preferences, cat care can be relatively uncomplicated, but if we aren’t especially tuned into their unique natures we might miss a thing or two. Luckily, effortless (and yet, totally involved) cat care is attainable – and we can help!

The Cat’s Pajamas

We adore them, they fascinate us, and we’ll never stop devoting our time, money, energy and attention to their every need. In other words, we love them and love them for loving us back. 

Do They?

You might be wondering if cats actually love us the way we love them. In their very special cattish way, yes, they do. Evidenced by sustained eye contact and long, slow blinks, head bumps, or active invitations to snuggle, cats show their owners lots of feline affection.

 In fact, research suggests that cats treat people like other cats – with certain exceptions. They don’t meow at or toward other felines; they save that special sound just for us.

Not Showing Signs

Perhaps owing to the seemingly self-sufficient, independent, or even stoic natures of cats, owners can easily overlook the importance of routine cat care visits. Cats are known to be masters of hiding signs that they’re ill or injured, leading owners to delay veterinary intervention until it’s critical or even life-threatening. 

Early detection of age-or breed-related illness through regular wellness examinations can be integral toward a fast, affordable treatment. 

Elements of Cat Care

Optimal cat care is possible when the following items are tended to on a regular basis:

  • Dental care (don’t forget: cats benefit from regular brushing at home, paired with yearly exams, cleanings and x-rays!)
  • Vaccinations
  • Parasite prevention
  • Behavior/training

After a detailed discussion with each cat owner, we may follow up with nutrition guidelines, exercise requirements, blood work, and other diagnostics to rule out medical concerns.

Known Obstacles

We know that it can be very stressful (if not impossible) to convince your cat to enter their travel crate, endure an unknown period of time in the car, suffer through the experience in the waiting room, only to be examined by unfamiliar hands in the exam room. Yikes!

We are proud to offer a quiet, calm environment for our feline friends. Our talented veterinary team members are especially sensitive to the needs of cats, treating them with respect and compassion to reduce fear and stress.

Please don’t let your cat’s fear of the vet rule out the importance of regular cat care. If you need help crate training your cat in order to safely get them here, please let us know

And Yes… Love!

When your cat’s needs, including indoor enrichment, are met, you can expect that they’ll repay you with extra kitty kisses and snuggles. Plus, simply living together adds to your overall cardiovascular and mental health. In other words, your best efforts in cat care benefit you, too!

As always, Bowman Veterinary Hospital is always here to address concerns or answer questions.