A cat gets cold laser therapy.

No one likes to see their pet uncomfortable or in pain, which often accompanies orthopedic injury or arthritis. Cold laser therapy can not only help with pain, it can also encourage rapid healing from surgery. The team at Bowman Veterinary Hospital wants you to understand how this alternative modality is an amazing option for pets suffering from a variety of afflictions.

An Overview Of Cold Laser Therapy

The cold laser, or class IV laser, is a device used to stimulate the cells and encourage blood flow. Laser is an acronym for “light amplification through stimulated emission of radiation,” and this low-level light is directed at the site of a wound, injury, or area of pain to open the blood vessels. 

Once the vessels are open, blood flows to the affected area and produces new red blood cells, which can jumpstart healing. Along with this regeneration of cells, it also releases endorphins, which are the body’s natural pain reducer. The laser produces a warm sensation and reduces sensitivity to the area, which also alleviates pain. The cold laser reduces inflammation, reduces swelling and pain, and speeds up recovery.

What Happens During Treatment?

Initially, you and your veterinarian will discuss the advantages of cold laser therapy for your pet’s condition. Once you have decided it is the right course of action, they will set up a treatment plan for your pet.

The laser is a hand-held device and can be administered quickly without anesthesia or medication. Sessions are usually between 10 and 20 minutes. You can stay with your pet during the session as long as you (and your pet) wear protective goggles. Most pets relax during the session and some even go to sleep!

Who Can Benefit From Cold Laser Therapy For Pets?

Cold laser therapy can benefit so many conditions. Typically, it is not an either/or treatment, but one that can complement other current treatments, such as medication and physical therapy. It is especially helpful for the following conditions:

Cold laser therapy is continuously more beneficial for a wide range of conditions. Each year, new advances in this technology make it even more effective. 

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