Auburn, CA cat with paw on owner's hand.

If your pet was injured and needed emergency hospitalization to survive, could you afford to have them treated? Today, advances in veterinary science have afforded pet owners and pets a very high level of care, but it comes at a price. Estimates show that pet care costs average $1800 per year, which can put a significant financial strain on many families. 

Of course pet owners want to take the very best care of their furry friends – they’re members of the family, after all! This is where pet insurance comes in. Just as human health insurance is designed to offset our own health care costs, pet insurance can ease the burden of an unexpected injury or illness in our pets. But, is it worth it? Bowman Veterinary Hospital explores. 

Pet Insurance Basics

Pet insurance is designed to help pet owners meet the cost of unplanned injury or illness in their pets. Some plans also cover wellness care, such as dental cleanings, exams, vaccinations, and the like. However, these plans are more expensive. 

Unlike human health insurance, most pet insurance companies expect pet owners to pay for veterinary services up front, and submit the bills for reimbursement. One company, Trupanion, offers an option to directly pay veterinary hospitals, allowing pet owners to pay only their portion of the invoice.

Do Some Leg Work 

Selecting a pet insurance policy is an individual choice, so it’s important to do some preliminary research and make a selection based on your needs. Many of our team members have Trupanion for their personal pets, so if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

When researching pet insurance companies, compare the following points.

  • Monthly premiums/ cost
  • Deductible amounts
  • Lifetime limits
  • Waiting periods
  • Exclusions, including genetic conditions
  • Payout maximums per incident
  • Add on costs
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Age limits

After you’ve looked at these comparisons, call your top three companies. Customer service is important when working with a pet insurance company, so make sure all your questions are answered. 

Lastly, looking at online reviews from other consumers can be enlightening (with a grain of salt, of course!)

Peace of Mind

Back to our original question: is pet insurance worth it? Many pets will sustain an injury or an illness at some point in their lives, and these events can cost thousands and thousands of dollars. We all hope our pets don’t go through these things, but perhaps the biggest value in pet insurance is peace of mind. 

If your pet is critically injured and needs to be hospitalized or has a major illness such as kidney disease or cancer, pet insurance can allow you to focus on what’s important – your pets care and comfort – instead of how you will pay for treatment. 

If you have other questions about pet insurance, please call our team at any time. We’re happy to help!