pet food.

Decision fatigue is a real threat to our well-being. Anywhere we go these days, we’re faced with a sea of choices, and the pet store is no different. Whether you enter a boutique or a big box store, there are usually aisles of possible options for your pet. How do you even begin to know which products are the tastiest, and which ones offer the highest nutrition? We are here to help you navigate the aisles and your decision to get your pet the optimal nutrition.

Marketing and Advertising

We are all easily swayed by marketing campaigns. When it comes to choosing the right pet food, we recommend a cautious approach to shiny, flashy labels, celebrity endorsements, and convincing media. 

There are many buzzwords in the pet food industry. While some pets benefit from grain-free diets, some products can include less-nutritious ingredients to replace grains. It’s also important to watch for “human-grade” ingredients or “holistic” food. At this time, there are no national standards that result in this distinction.

Check out this guide from the Association of American Feed Control Officials for more information about ingredient standards. 

Questions to Ask

Your pet’s veterinarian has years of experience with various types of pet food. We are able to recommend pet food based on your pet’s overall health, weight, age, lifestyle, and personal preferences. Once we understand these variables, we can recommend different options that may require time for your pet to adapt to.

Some pets have health conditions that require highly specialized diets, and choices must be made under direct veterinary supervision. 

It’s About Balance

It’s critical to find the right balance between highly nutritious food and your pet’s individual tastes. In other words, what might be best for them doesn’t necessarily mean that it tastes great to them. If your pet is attached to a pet food that you’re trying to change, do so slowly. Sudden changes to their routine can create problems.

So Much Information

When choosing the right pet food for your pet, question the label. Does the label list quality control practices or refer customers to the manufacturer’s website? The World Small Animal Veterinary Association has some important distinctions to learn from when comparing pet food products. 

It Sounds Tasty to You

A common mistake that pet owners often make when choosing pet food is to consider how tasty products sound to them. If it sounds good enough for human consumption, it must be good for pets, right? However, your pet has tremendously different nutritional needs that can only be addressed with the right pet food.

The Best Pet Food for Your Best Friend

Pet owners agree that providing excellent nutrition is one of the most important aspects of pet ownership. Sometimes it can take numerous attempts to find the right product for your pet. Once the choice is made, measure portions exactly, always provide fresh drinking water, and maintain optimal weight with daily exercise. 
If you have additional questions or concerns about pet food, please give us a call at (530) 823-6306. Our veterinarians are always here for you at Bowman Veterinary Hospital.