Grow Pet-Safe Plants, Avoid a Pet Poisoning

A dog sniffs an indoor plant.

Having a green thumb and owning a pet are not mutually exclusive but growing certain plants, trees, flowers and shrubs does require careful consideration in (and around) a pet’s environment. This can mean that certain plants are off-limits, but the sacrifice is usually well worth it. 

Since a pet poisoning is one of the scariest experiences for pets and their people alike, it makes sense to eliminate all the possible risks inside the home and around the property.


A Wish to Squish: Why Do Cats Knead?

A cat kneading.

Cats have a pretty strong repertoire of absolutely adorable  – and distinctly feline – behaviors that have endeared humans for centuries. What else could explain their sheer dominance on social media and video platform sites? They are, in short, purrrr-fectly entertaining. 

In addition to the variety of funny feline behaviors, there are actually reasons why they do what they do. Take, making biscuits, for example. Cats need to knead, and we’ve got a few explanations pertaining to this cute kitty behavior.


Pet Dental Chews: Are They Worth the Hype?

Pet Dental chews and treats

Pet dental chews are touted as being essential to your pet’s oral health, but do they really work? What are the best brands? Are there better ways to care for your pet’s teeth and gums? Do you really need to worry about your pet’s dental health?

Oral hygiene is critical to your pet’s overall health and longevity, and the right dental chew has its place in their dental care plan. The team at Bowman Veterinary Hospital have gathered the facts, and we’re here to walk you through this sometimes confusing, but always important topic!


Have You Been Waiting For a Veterinary Appointment? You’re Not Alone

Dog waiting for vet appointment

Worldwide, Covid-19 has unquestionably altered modern life. While it may not last forever, the sizable shifts in how we conduct business will remain for at least the foreseeable future. What this means for pet owners is that their previously streamlined appointments might have a few roadblocks from time to time. 

Striking a balance between our established patient seeking routine wellness care and new ones with pressing needs isn’t easy these days, and may result in owners waiting for a veterinary appointment longer than ever before.


Bowman Veterinary Hospital’s Top 5 Blogs of 2020!

Dog with paw over their face.

While 2020 was quite the adventure, there is no doubt that our pets made the best adventure (and quarantine) buddies ever. Their antics and quirks have kept us laughing and their love keeps us going, through all the ups and downs.

This past year, many of us have spent more time with our pets than ever before. And, during that time, we have also noticed more about their health, behavior, and oddities than ever, too. We are grateful that you have turned to Bowman Veterinary Hospital’s blog to learn more about your pet and how to support them, whatever their need.

With that in mind, we humbly offer you Bowman Veterinary Hospital’s top 5 most popular blogs of 2020.


All the Yum! Healthy Treats for Pets

Auburn CA healty pet treats

If your pet has been packing on the pounds, or if you are wondering about the quality of treats you feed, you are in luck. The team at Bowman Veterinary Hospital has put together some great ideas for healthy treats for pets this season. 

There are many good reasons for switching to healthy snacks for your furry one. Along with reduced calories, in many cases, you know that you are giving them better ingredients. 

Without further ado, let’s get down to the snacks!


Popular Pet Toys of 2020: We’re Making a List (and Checking it Twice)

Auburn CA Dog with Pet Toy

Whether we’re ready for it or not, the holiday shopping season has begun in earnest. Leaving your pet off the gift list is likely unthinkable, but with so many pet toy options out there it can be a challenge to find something perfect for your furry friend!

If you’re having trouble deciding what to get for your furry friend this year, the team at Bowman Veterinary Hospital has you covered. We’ve put together a list of some of the most popular pet toys this year, along with some time-tested classics, so get ready to take notes. Your pet will thank you!


Diabetes in Pets: Successfully Controlled When Caught and Treated Early On

Auburn, CA dog with pet diabetes

Directly following a carbohydrate-rich meal, the digestive system breaks food down into glucose, the main source of energy for the body’s cells. Glucose is absorbed in the gut making blood sugar levels rise. The pancreas responds to these changes by producing the important hormone insulin.  

Diabetes in pets occurs when the pancreas either doesn’t produce enough insulin (Type 1) or the body’s cells don’t respond properly to the amount of insulin secreted (Type 2). The effects of untreated diabetes can be extremely dangerous to long term health. 


On the Ready: Disaster Preparedness for Pet Safety and Peace of Mind

Auburn CA safe dogs in car

If you have lived through any natural disaster, you know that every second counts when evacuating or sheltering in place. Each disaster, whether it be a hurricane, tornado, forest fire, or the like, has its own manner of getting to safety. You may even have a disaster plan for your family in place. We have certainly had our share of wildfires this year that have devastated California and the Pacific Coast, as well as the West.


Orange, Glowing Skies: When Pet Fire Safety Must Be the Rule

Pet Safety for Auburn CA Dog on Couch

In this age of unpredictability, it makes sense to prepare for the worst. For those of us in the west, this means getting ready for wildfire season every year. Between packing up necessities in case of an evacuation and planning the quickest escape route, we can easily overlook the effects of smoke inhalation. 

A wildfire doesn’t have to be in our backyards to suffer from dangerous side effects. As a result, pet fire safety should be one of our highest priorities.